Task Force on Educational Capacity


In September 2009, a new Task Force was convened to study Missouri S&T’s current student service capacity. The Task Force was charged to collect and review all pertinent data to assess whether the fall 2009 student population was at, below, or above the university’s capacity to provide each student with a quality education. It was the desire of the Chancellor and Provost that the Task Force use the exercise to provide the Strategic Planning Committee with relevant and reliable indicators for the university’s capacity issues and to provide reasonable benchmarks to assess the institution’s ongoing capacity position.

The Task Force was composed of 26 faculty, staff, administrators, and student representatives. After requesting data and information sets related to capacity issues, the Task Force spent four meeting periods reviewing and discussing the many aspects of service capacity and the potential impact points on campus.

The first discussion focused on reviewing the initial capacity study and student profile targets completed in 2004 that assisted with the Strategic Plan goals 2005-2010. The Task Force later divided into four sub-committees to provide a more focused assessment of the fall 2009 service capacity limits in terms of (1) faculty and academic instructional space, (2) student financial aid and scholarships, (3) campus and student support services, and (4) campus housing, dining and parking.


NOTE: Some documents and reports are password protected and require a UM System Single-Sign-On login. If you are not a UM System employee or student and wish to review the Task Force's work, please call us at 573-341-4378.

  • Committee Membership [.pdf]
  • Executive Summary  [.pdf]
  • Recommendations  [www]
  • Updates for Open Forum  [.ppt ]
  • Meeting One Data Report: Institutional Aspirations  [.pdf ]
  • Meeting Two Data Report: Institutional Resources  [.pdf ]
  • Meetings Three and Four Data Report: Key Business Intelligence Factors and External Forces  [.pdf ]
  • Sub-Committee One Report: Faculty Teaching Levels and Instructional Space  [.pdf ]
  • Sub-Committee Two Report: Student Financial Aid and Scholarships  [.pdf ]
  • Sub-Committee Three Report: Campus and Student Support Services  [.pdf ]
  • Sub-Committee Four Report: Campus Housing, Dining and Parking  [.pdf ]
  • Meeting Schedule [.doc]
  • Enrollment Projections [.xls ]
  • 2008 Graduate Enrollment Planning Survey [.xls ]
  • 2004 Graduate Enrollment Planning Survey [.xls ]
  • Faculty Headcount [.xls ]
  • High/Low Enrollment by Program [.xls ]
  • Net Revenue Projections for Budget [.xls ]
  • 2004 Capacity Task Force Report [.ppt ]
  • 2007 Cost Comparison of Technological Research Universities [.xls ]