Data and Technology


The Office of Enrollment Management provides an internal level of technological support to the Division of Enrollment Management in accordance to the division mission and goals.

There are recurring tasks that the Office of Enrollment Management performs that provide valuable information to the S&T Administration and overall campus community. Below are some of the recurring tasks that are provided:

  • File Count reports: provides current enrollment numbers in comparison to the last four years (see included report).
  • Enrollment Trends report: provides a comparison of fall semester enrollment by location, ethnic group and gender since 2000 (see included report).
  • Yearly Fall Semester Projections: performed two times each spring semester--February 21 and May 21--and provides a projection of the enrollment numbers for the upcoming Fall Semester by the three predictive factors: gender and state residency, schools, and scholarships.
  • Surveys: created and executed for the division using the purchased CRM tool--Hobson’s.
  • Technology Coordination: Desktop Enhancement planning and implementation with S&T IT to keep computer equipment for the division on a replacement schedule. Troubleshooting assistance is also provided for the software and hardware needs of the division.
  • Data management. Manage the prospective student CRM system. Manage online systems for registration, online inquiry requests, and enrollment deposits. Monitor enrollment trends and “enrollment funnel” flow for student populations to identify areas of concern and examine market trends. Manage strategic recruiting resources and databases.