Enrollment Development Team (EDT)

Mission Statement: Through bi-weekly meetings, the cross-divisional EDT committee will share unit/campus information, coordinate operational schedules and programs, and discuss/recommend potential policy/system changes to the executive cabinet and Chancellor. The committee's ultimate goal is to better coordinate and improve the campus's entire student recruitment and retention programs.


Recognizing that enrollment activities need to be a campus-wide priority in order to be successful, there is a critical need to coordinate the activities that improve the recruitment and retention of students to the campus.

EDT Membership: In 2001, the Enrollment Development Team was established as a campus committee that reports to the executive cabinet and the Chancellor. EDT includes key offices among various divisions that meet to coordinate operational schedules, priority actions and resources to better and more efficiently serve students.

Enrollment Development Team is coordinated by the Vice Provost and Dean for Enrollment Management and includes Directors from:

  • Admissions
  • Cashiers/Billing
  • Counseling Center
  • Communications
  • International Affairs
  • Institutional Research
  • Student Diversity & Academic Support Programs
  • Women's Leadership Institute
  • New Student Programs and Orientation
  • Registrar's Office
  • Residence Life (Housing)
  • Student Affairs
  • Student Life
  • Student Financial Assistance
  • Testing/Student Assessment
  • Undergraduate Studies

Overarching Goals to achieve Enrollment Success at Missouri S&T:

  1. Greater cooperation and synergies among all campus units that have key contact points with students (i.e. publications, alumni, development, CIS, home page developers, video services, student affairs, etc.)
  2. Clear coordination and sharing of information across campus
  3. Integration of information and administrative efforts on all constituent-facing fronts (tight integration of recruitment, student housing, student activities, outreach activities, camps, campus visit programs, public relations, alumni/parent activities, etc.)

Standing Agenda

Available as a .pdf